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Welcome to NetDec

IT Support designed around
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As a full service digital partner we can provide intelligent solutions to all of your IT and digital needs

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Welcome to NetDec

With over 15 years’ experience NetDec are able to help you with all of your IT Support requirements big or small.

We can work as your entire IT department or we can work alongside your existing team to offer consultancy and to fill skill gaps you may have within your IT department.

We have helped numerous companies redesign their Networks, Infrastructure, WiFi Networks etc. We also helped them implement robust Disaster Recovery solutions to help them grow and protect them should the worst happen.

We want to do the same with you and your business, so Contact Us today and we will see how we can help you.

We work hard for our clients

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“Netdec have successfully developed and integrated the necessary IT support infrastructure for us. Centralised systems are essential to a company of our size and enables us to realise our growth plans. Having a reliable and robust architecture platform is fundamental to our business and Netdec has greatly assisted us in realising this.”

Zuber Issa

CEO, Euro Garages

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Why Choose NetDec?

  • Who Are We

    NetDec is an independent provider of IT Support, Leased Lines, Telephony, Cloud Computing and IT Consultancy.

    We offer a complete technology solution to businesses across all industries and sectors.

    We also work with a local company called KLUIO to offer Websites and Digital Marketing, allowing us to offer a complete digital and IT solution that can help your business grow fast and easily.

    We can work with companies of all sizes and can offer project management, commissioning of servers and devices and an unrivalled after-care and support service.

    Trading since 2002 you can rest assured that you will be looked after by an experienced team and work with a partner who has solved most IT problems many times over, so you never have to worry.

  • Our Guarantees

    Technology can make or break your company. Because of this we offer a guaranteed approach and Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will give you the confidence you need to pursue that next big contract and expand your business.

    • Proactive Problem Solving
    • Customer-focused Solutions
    • UK based with a personal service
    • Beneficial Outcomes
    • Independent and Trustworthy advice
    • Helpful and prompt customer service
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How will you solve my particular problem?

    We always investigate what it is you want to achieve, what you can afford and other considerations such as your industry, deadlines, timeframe and your own company knowledge base.

    All these are factors that affect the proposals we’ll put forward as viable solutions. Each business is different, even within the same industry, so to give an accurate, individualised solution we take each on its own merits.

    Can you help us with a management / CRM system?

    Yes, of course – this is one of our fields of expertise. We need to know more about your business though – what makes you tick, your style of management, your aspirations and budget, and we’ll see if you have a deadline in mind too.

    As an independent IT consultancy, we’ll try to find a product on the shelf that fits your requirements, and if this proves impossible then we will look to examining the possibility of bespoke software development.

    What is cloud computing?

    You possibly already use cloud to some extent – most people do, in one form or another, on a small scale. Apple’s iCloud, Google Docs/Drive, webmail hosting, and Netflix and LoveFilm are all popular examples.

    Cloud computing basically keeps all your data and software you need to use in a virtual office space dedicated to your company. This means less expenditure on hardware (fast computers) and software (multi-user licences) and will assist implementation of your disaster recovery policy (see next FAQ item).

    Why do I need disaster recovery?

    Disaster recoveryis part of your business contingency plan if there is an emergency. An emergency can come in the form of equipment malfunction, burglary, cyber theft or hacking, or a natural event like a flood.

    Companies who don’t plan how they will handle business continuation after such an event are risking income, reputation and employees with potentially lengthy outages, data loss and ruined equipment. NetDec can help you put together a disaster recovery policy, and activate it, that protects your company and ensures business-as-usual.

    I’m a multi-national company – can you give me IT support?

    The short answer is yes: NetDec’s clients include SMEs and national and multi-national companies with offices in several locations, including different countries.

    If you are a multi-national, or are looking to become so, get in touch to talk to us about how the right IT solutions can help you achieve this.

    I’m a sole trader – can you give me IT support?

    Absolutely. We can work with you to ensure you get the support you need and, as you grow, provide future-proof solutions.

    If you’re a sole trader with big ideas, get in touch and we’ll see how NetDec can help.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and look forward to working with you.