Leased Lines

Up to 200 times faster than standard broadband.


Stop wasting time
waiting for downloads.

NetDec has a sister company called Core Network Group (CNG) who offer cost-effective leased lines that can be swiftly installed with minimal disruption to your broadband service.

Leased lines offer many benefits including:-

Symmetric Transmission –Most internet connections are designed to download data much faster than uploading it. For business use, this can cause problems, especially if you use a web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) system or use VoIP telephony.

Faster Speeds – Just because you have a broadband connection that is capable of 76 Mbps does not mean you are getting those speeds. The problem with standard broadband is that your connection is shared with other businesses, meaning at busy times your speeds may suffer. Leased lines are offered on a 1 to 1 relationship meaning you always achieve maximum speeds.

Lower Latency – Latency refers to the time it takes for a server to receive and respond to a request. In today’s data-driven landscape, higher latency can significantly impact page load times. Since web browsers can only download a limited number of files simultaneously, if the time to start downloading each file is slow, it can greatly multiply the overall load time of a page, even with good download speeds.

If you rely on VoIP telephony, have multiple users sharing a connection, or seek the assurance of enhanced service and uptime with a dedicated line and account manager support, a leased line is undoubtedly a vital necessity for your business.



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