VoIP Phone Systems

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Maintain seamless communication
using VoIP Phone Systems.

The significance of a reliable phone system is often underestimated by many businesses. The ability to customise call routing and make adjustments as needed can lead to significant improvements in efficiency.

NetDec’s hosted VoIP solution caters to businesses of all sizes, from individual users to global corporations.

Offering all the features of a physical phone system a hosted VoIP solution saves a lot of initial capital expenditure compared with purchasing a standard phone system with the same features.

We can offer solutions from one handset to hundreds all with:-

  • Unlimited local and National calls.
  • Unlimited mobile calls.
  • A SIP Channel (phone line).
  • A business class handset with call waiting, call transferring etc.
  • The ability to put calls on hold (with optional call music).
  • Configurable call routing and hunt-groups.
  • Take your business phone number with you wherever you travel worldwide using our mobile app.
  • Call recording with a range of retention period choices.
  • Auto Attendants – Press 1 to access…, Press 2 to explore…
  • Voicemail to email.

If you’d like to know more about our telephony services, please get in touch with us for an informal chat about the options we have available for your business phone.

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