Accessibility Policy


Dedicated to an inclusive website experience

NetDec’s accessibility policy.

NetDec are committed to ensuring our online products and services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability.

We believe that providing an accessible website has a positive effect on general usability and that websites that are accessible and usable benefit everyone.

As part of our commitment to inclusive design, we promise to regularly review, test and modify our website and any future releases of the site, for web accessibility issues.

Web accessibility standards

This site has been validated against HTML5 and is believed to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (external link) Level AAA standards
As part of our commitment to maintaining these standards we try to ensure that:-

  • All images in our sites contain appropriate alternate text
  • Pages and images on this website are optimised to load quickly and smoothly
  • All foreground and background colours are checked to ensure sufficient contrast, or given alternative text in the case of images
  • Our content is written clearly and is free of jargon, where technical language is used we will explain the term clearly.
  • All pages use headings that are appropriate and without skipping a level
  • All ‘call to actions’ are clearly marked and are not reliant on colour alone for distinction
  • Symbols (e.g. >) are used in context and for their semantic use consistent navigation and page layouts are used to avoid confusion
  • The whole site including forms are accessible using only a keyboard
  • We use cascading style sheets to control layout and presentation

This site is designed to work without JavaScript, JavaScript is only used to enhance functionality.

Google has further information on how to enable JavaScript(external link).

If you have a question about web accessibility or feedback about our website please contact us.

Useful resources
Web accessibility initiative – how to change text sizes or colours (external link)
Direct Gov – The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)(external link)

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