Network Support

Keeping your computers protected and connected.

NetDec offers comprehensive assistance in optimising and maintaining your internal network and hardware, ensuring peak performance.

We also extend our expertise to broadband internet and cloud services, helping you discover the most reliable and robust solutions available.

As a full-service IT support firm, NetDec goes beyond simple network administration.

We excel at identifying bottlenecks and potential problem areas within your existing IT infrastructure, providing both on-site and remote implementation of effective solutions.

Moreover, we understand the significance of external elements to your network, such as securing dependable broadband or leased line (dedicated broadband for your business) connection.

Many businesses now rely on their internal network and broadband for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. With our extensive experience in installing numerous VoIP handsets, we possess the knowledge to ensure the suitability and proper maintenance of your network and broadband, addressing any existing VoIP telephony issues.

Network Support contracts

To accommodate your support requirements, we offer network support services as part of our tailored IT support contracts, providing the convenience of monthly payment options.

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