Server Support

Maximizing business uptime.

Your Server is a crucial component of your business’s IT infrastructure and demands continuous operation to avoid any interruptions to your business.

However, Server malfunctions are not the sole concern. Inadequate maintenance can lead to sluggish Server performance, and within a few hours of poor functioning, your business may encounter missed deadlines.

Proactive Server maintenance is vital to ensure optimal performance, even if you have an in-house team. We offer remote or on-site support to keep your Server, including Operating Systems like Windows Server, up to date.

Our services include regular updates for firewall and antivirus software, ensuring constant protection for your business.

Additionally, we verify the effectiveness of your backup and disaster recovery solutions, safeguarding your business in the event of a disaster. If your business outgrows its current Server, we can provide assistance in upgrading or supplying a new one, customised to meet your company’s specifications.

Server Support Contracts

NetDec’s Server support services are available as part of our tailored IT support contracts, allowing you to pay monthly for your support needs.

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