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Websites from NetDec and KLUIO

Many businesses underestimate the power of a great website. Those who do understand how important it is do not know how two visually similar sites can be vastly different in effectiveness and Search Engine friendliness.

We know how important all of this is and as such have partnered with a local firm called KLUIO (opens in new tab) to provide beautiful websites that perform well.

Why work with KLUIO and NetDec?

Most websites are built by designers who find a suitable template, change the colours a bit and then launch your site and do nothing else.

Unfortunately this leaves sites bloated and slow and not very friendly to disabled users.

We realise that the visual design is only 10% to 20% of the story. The real power in a website lies in the code and practices employed by that website.

KLUIO make attractive websites (like this one!) but mainly focus on the other 80% to 90% of website design that really offers a Return on Investment (RoI).

The 5 key areas that websites from NetDec and KLUIO focus on are:-

  • Accessibility - The most important aspect of a website to us, the ability for people of all abilities to use our site effectively. It may surprise you but 95% of websites are not designed so that disabled users (i.e. blind users) can use the site without problems or even at all! A site from us will be accessible, opening up new markets for you!
  • Security - Most web designers do not know about security, other than to add a SSL certificate. This can leave your site vulnerable to attack. We implement many advanced security measures, for example we will add a Content Security Policy (CSP) - a way to tell the browser to only run scripts we say are safe to stop hackers adding malicious content to your site.
  • Speed - Yeah you have probably heard this one before, "website speed optimisation" companies are everywhere. We put it in quotes as most of them do not have a clue. Head over to Google Page Speed Insights (opens in new tab) (a free tool to check site speed) and enter to see how we score! Then check your own or any other firms, we bet we will get a better score because we specialise in speed!
  • SEO friendliness - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is 4th on the list? Well you need to make sure your site is accessible, secure and fast to rank well in search engines anyway, so we make sure those are up to standard first! We know SEO, see how this site fairs using an online SEO checker (opens in new tab).
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - This website works without an internet connection, go on, load the site on your phone, switch it to airplane mode and reload the page, it will still work (on 85% of is new technology after all!), this means your customers can reach you when they can't reach anyone else, a nice little advantage. It also has additional benefits such as further speed improvements and the ability to install the website like an App!

KLUIO built this website and we are sure you will agree it is fast and easy to use!

That is why we partnered with KLUIO, they focus on results and can actually show that they can out-perform the competition.

Working with NetDec and KLUIO we can coordinate your website, IT Support, Telephony etc. all under one roof to provide you with a complete technology partner.

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Websites from NetDec and KLUIO

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