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Anti-Virus and Security Solutions

Reduced risk of data loss and data theft

Anti-Virus and Security Solutions from NetDec

Can your business afford to have it’s data stolen, accidentally (or maliciously) deleted or corrupted (damaged)?

Any computer that is connected to the internet or allows files to be transferred to it via a storage device (i.e. USB memory stick) is vulnerable to attacks.

An attack from a hacker or via malware (malicious software accidentally downloaded that allows an attacker to steal or damage your information) are not only inconvenient but can be very costly and cause a lot of damage to your business.

An anti-virus solution and or firewall from NetDec offers protection for businesses both small and large.

We can also offer a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, which is an advanced and complete all-in-one firewall and anti-virus protection system designed for maximum protection.

Why choose NetDec’s managed anti-virus and security solutions?

As with everything else we do, we tailor a solution to your business’s needs.

We look at the number of devices on your network, the number of locations, the sensitivity and importance of your data, legal requirements within your industry and your day-to-day working practices to find the best solution within your budget.

We have helped protect businesses with multiple sites and thousands of computers and connected devices from threats for over 15 years, so you know you are in safe hands with NetDec.

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